Standing in Special Light

Equipment for children with special needs

We are inaugurating in 2020 to continue the project to procure equipment for children with special needs, in light of the glaring lack of aid available to this population, we have stepped in to provide assistance.

We are purchasing Standers for needy invalid children:

* Standers for children suffering from Roth Syndrome, and standers with thigh and back support for children suffering from C. P. Spastic Quadriplegia which activate their bodies’ blood flow and digestion, and alternates their position.

We are searching for partners to help us provide these vital tools of existence for needy invalid children and their families.

Application questionnaire for Standers

Application questionnaire for Agilon

Application questionnaire for special chasirs

The total amount of medical equipment we can purchase depends on your generosity. We pray that for the sake of these invalid babies and children, and their parents who care for them, we will receive your vital support.

Be an active partner to Light to the World by generously providing this special medical equipment to the children. The need is very great and your assistance is critically needed.

Your donation will permit us to continue our important activities which are bringing Light to the World.
Light to the World can do more — with your help!