General Overview

General Overview
More and more families cannot afford purchasing of expensive medical devices.
The sad reality that start out at one once after hospitalization, when the families of the sick member have to purchase expensive medical equipments, devices and accessories to provide the necessary to take care to the sick member in his own home .

In many cases, the patient needs the assistance of more than one medical device.

Their suffer could be alleviated with medical equipment, but many can’t afford it. Light to the World solves their problem by loaning medical equipment for free upon request.

The range of existing medical equipment in our branches serves a various population:
Men, women, senior citizens, youngsters and babies. Thousands of people are helped by our medical equipment, every year, by a simple registration process only.

Light to the World’s branches are located in many towns with Ethiopian and Russian immigrants who are characterized by high percentage of elderly. Many of them are using those vital servicesof Light to the World’ organization.

In order to serve properly, we have to renew and maintain constantly the medical equipment which ware out due to prolonged usage. We also try to increase the medical equipment accordingly to each branch.

All these can be achieved, only through donations of warm-hearted individuals, companies, charity trusts and institutions. Our volunteers in “Light to the World, doing the utmost to provide solutions for daily increasing requests of the sick, elderly, children and disable.

Their fate has already filled with pain and suffer,
Please join to us with your gift,
Be our partnership to bring them Light to the World!