Bride and groom add light to the world

Just a normal morning … The phone rings. Shai asks to make one donation, but we will issue separate receipts according to the sums and the name of the donor.
We agreed … Why not? With a little extra effort to add light to the world, we do that too, we were curious … even very curious. So we asked and received an answer in an email that we decided to publish and share!  
That’s Shira (Shai’s wife). About the donors: I and Shai got married a week and a half ago and the hall was full of failures and we received compensation. So we decided to donate the amount of compensation proportionally to the amount of money each of the guests gave us, on their behalf (of those who were hurt the most hall). The court gave us the compensation so we would not sue them. Not because they are good people. they are not. They threatened and screamed at us. The decision to donate the compensation money was ours. The hall is not shared and has no part in the mitzva. From the point of view of the auditorium, we could go out with the money for a vacation abroad, which most of the people we told him about the compensation suggested that we do the money.
Thank you very much for your amazing and blessed activity!
Shira and Shai
(the phones are kept at Or L’olam offices)