Light to the World – National Volunteer Association
Or Laolam- name in Hebrew
Areas of Activity: Free loan of medical equipment
Providing absorbent products to adults at reduced prices.
* Legal status: Registered association 580139293
* Date of founding: September 5, 1988
* Light to the World has an income tax authorization for donations in Israel according to Paragraph 46 of the Code. The authorization was extended until December 31, 2021
* Light to the World has a proper administration certificate from the Associations Registrar. The authorization was extended until December 31, 2021

* Light to the World is a non-profit association.

* The goal of the association: to facilitate treating the patient at home.
* Modus operandi: lending medical equipment without a complicated processing procedure to every petitioner irrespective to his religious or national background through the association’s volunteers who are active in 11 branches spread all over the country.
* The benefit to the public:
Relief for the family caring for the patient at home.
Saves unnecessary hospitalizations.
Saves money for the family by loaning medical equipment (for free) from Light to the World’s branches.
* Our volunteers: men, women, pensioners and employees from all society strata.
* Medical equipment on loan: A range of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, mattresses and pillows to provide relief for bedsores, hospital beds, active and passive standers, C.P.M. accessories for mother and baby, etc. etc.
* The Association’s branches: work in conjunction with the local municipality and are located in a municipal building .
Light to the World’s branches were founded in towns which had no parallel service for the populace.
* Thousands of families got vital services thanks to Light to the World’s