30 years of Light

30 years of volunteering throughout the country,
Lending medical equipment from Metula to Mitzpeh Ramon,
In localities where there is no parallel services for the population from another organization
To facilitate the medical treatment of patients at home and provide discounted adult absorbent products.
Lending Standers for children with special needs .
The purpose of the project is to give an opportunity to any person to loan a rehabilitation equipment to promote and improve the special child’s medical condition.

Light to the World’s volunteers  are helping by free loan of equipment to all applicants,

against a deposit refunded at the end of the lending

Your donation adds light to the world and helps you purchase medical equipment for free borrowing for any applicant

For Light to the World’s 30 years of activity, You can be a partner by giving a gift of up to 30 times according to your ability to help the volunteers continue to add light to the world